How Decisions Shape Your Life!

XYZ: Hey, Saloni! Congratulations on securing 92% in X Boards! Me: Thank you so much. XYZ: So you are opting for Science, right? Me: Nope, Arts! XYZ: Hey, How is your Graphic Designing course going? Me: I quit. I want to learn languages. I am going to take admission in the Faculty of Foreign Languages... Continue Reading →

Get a Gondola Ride in Venice

  “At the bridge I stood lately in the brown night. From afar came a song: as a golden drop it welled over the quivering surface. Gondolas, lights, and music — drunken it swam out into the twilight. My soul, a stringed instrument, sang to itself, invisibly touched, a secret gondola song, quivering with iridescent... Continue Reading →

Birthplace of Ferrari

Italian Icon. Red. Stylish. Fast. Dynamic. Epitome of style and pleasure. Dream of millions of men and women. One of the most popular super-cars of all time. Result of great dream, passion and vision. FERRARI. When I was in Bologna, I took a short trip to visit the Ferrari Museum in Maranello which is located... Continue Reading →

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