Burano: Venice’s Color Palette!

If you want to inject some color into your holiday, visit Burano, a candy-colored little island located in the same lagoon as Venice.


Hop onto a Vaporetto line 12 that runs from Venice with stops at Fondamente Nuove, Murano and Burano. This scenic boat ride takes around 45 minutes. You could also visit Murano from Burano which takes another 45 minutes. Visiting these lagoon islands makes for an amazing day trip from Venice.

The traditional houses of this wee island are painted in a dazzling array of bright colors, which flourish in the sunlight like a rainbow.


Legend says that the island’s fishermen were the first to paint their houses in bright colors, so they could see them while they were out fishing. Even to this day, the residents of Burano need every color approved by the government before proceeding to paint their house.

The colors of the walls, windows, and the doors pop and fizzle in a way that makes it the cheeriest island in Italy.  The chock-a-block of exceptionally colorful houses and moored fishing boats are sure to uplift your spirits and cheer your mood!

Enjoy the photo walk…

Burano is a photographer’s paradise.
A quiet saunter down the road!
Colors reflecting in the water like a illustrious color palette!





So… Is Burano on your bucket list yet?





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