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Hello! My name is Saloni Gandhi. I’m 23 and a graduate in French and Italian language from the University of Mumbai. My studies were not only focused on the language reading, listening and communication skills; but also the countries’ history starting from Antiquity to Contemporary period and the various literary and art movements.

My little known career path has inspired me to be a travel buff! Adventure or leisure, vacation or work, backpacking or luxury, discovery, inspiration, a solid source of fun- travel has everything you ask for!

As I share travel stories with my friends, they’ve been encouraging me to post my unconventional travel experience on a social media platform! I’m definitely not a crackerjack because I don’t write at all in the first place! This is my first attempt at doing so (I am really nervous!) which is just an outcome of a little boost from my fellow friends, one year (or two?) of procrastination and shilly-shallying. My aim is to inspire people to travel (of course!) but also to learn about the world by experiencing it first-hand. So, I hope it serves the purpose!

This page is not only for all travel enthusiasts but everyone who can enjoy reading posts about my experiences, my travels, the different places I have been to and the extraordinary people I have met.

And, if you have an amusing anecdote or unexpected adventure from your travels, why don’t you share it with me at sallydg2694@gmail.com ?!

19 thoughts on “About Me

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  1. The Sun has just risen , The Dawn has just began of ur carrier.
    Wishing u all the glorious brightness n prosperity through out the carrier.
    We all feel proud of ur achievements n anxious to see n no. Of more achievements.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Same here dear! 😀
      It means ‘beautiful’ or ‘pretty’ in Sanskrit.
      My Italian prof used to call me ‘Saloni di Bellezza’ Hahaha, little did I know then that Saloni is plural of Salone which means salon, in Italian 😛

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ahh, I see. I thought your name has Italian origin which signifies someone who is charming and attractive. Pretty close to the meaning of my name.


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