Palio di Siena: It’s not just a race!

During my first visit to Italy, I was in Siena for the entire month of August. It is the perfect opportunity to be caught up in the passion of the Sienese people and experience a unique culture: The Palio. The Palio is the most important event in Siena, which takes place on 2 July and... Continue Reading →

Hiking the Great Wall of China!

It was just a few months ago that I found myself standing at the top of the Great Wall, after a long winter hike, admiring the most beautiful landscape and it still feels unreal. It has been one of the best travel adventures of my life so far. My friend and I started at 6.30am... Continue Reading →

Shanghai: Where East Meets West!

It’s hard to explain the feeling of excitement and cheer that you feel when you walk through Shanghai – it’s a city that is just alive and buzzing. It reminded me of the city where I come from, Mumbai. Shanghai offers a great mix of old and new – on one hand you can see... Continue Reading →

West Lake: Hangzhou, China

Remember the city which stole the spotlight in 2016 as the host of G20 Summit? An hour away from Shanghai on the high-speed train is the beautiful, diverse and vibrant city of Hangzhou. Locals say that this city hosts many immortal love stories. My Chinese friend narrated me one of the most touching love stories.... Continue Reading →

Oriental Venice: Shaoxing, China

Other than the obvious choices of Suzhou and Hangzhou, I thought of visiting a small water town, Shaoxing. Famous for its rice wine and stinky tofu, this old water town is located about three hours south-west of Shanghai by train. The counterpart to Hangzhou’s West Lake is actually found in Shaoxing and, perhaps logically, is... Continue Reading →

2018: Make Travel Happen

Along with a new year, there is optimism of fresh starts and new beginnings. Many people would have made New Year’s Resolutions to start 2018 on the right foot and turn over a new leaf! We want to eat better. We want to read more. We want to work out. We want to learn languages.... Continue Reading →

Burano: Venice’s Color Palette!

If you want to inject some color into your holiday, visit Burano, a candy-colored little island located in the same lagoon as Venice. Hop onto a Vaporetto line 12 that runs from Venice with stops at Fondamente Nuove, Murano and Burano. This scenic boat ride takes around 45 minutes. You could also visit Murano from... Continue Reading →

How Decisions Shape Your Life!

XYZ: Hey, Saloni! Congratulations on securing 92% in X Boards! Me: Thank you so much. XYZ: So you are opting for Science, right? Me: Nope, Arts! XYZ: Hey, How is your Graphic Designing course going? Me: I quit. I want to learn languages. I am going to take admission in the Faculty of Foreign Languages... Continue Reading →

Get a Gondola Ride in Venice

  “At the bridge I stood lately in the brown night. From afar came a song: as a golden drop it welled over the quivering surface. Gondolas, lights, and music — drunken it swam out into the twilight. My soul, a stringed instrument, sang to itself, invisibly touched, a secret gondola song, quivering with iridescent... Continue Reading →

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