Palio di Siena: It’s not just a race!

During my first visit to Italy, I was in Siena for the entire month of August. It is the perfect opportunity to be caught up in the passion of the Sienese people and experience a unique culture: The Palio. The Palio is the most important event in Siena, which takes place on 2 July and... Continue Reading →

Hiking the Great Wall of China!

It was just a few months ago that I found myself standing at the top of the Great Wall, after a long winter hike, admiring the most beautiful landscape and it still feels unreal. It has been one of the best travel adventures of my life so far. My friend and I started at 6.30am... Continue Reading →

Shanghai: Where East Meets West!

It’s hard to explain the feeling of excitement and cheer that you feel when you walk through Shanghai – it’s a city that is just alive and buzzing. It reminded me of the city where I come from, Mumbai. Shanghai offers a great mix of old and new – on one hand you can see... Continue Reading →

Oriental Venice: Shaoxing, China

Other than the obvious choices of Suzhou and Hangzhou, I thought of visiting a small water town, Shaoxing. Famous for its rice wine and stinky tofu, this old water town is located about three hours south-west of Shanghai by train. The counterpart to Hangzhou’s West Lake is actually found in Shaoxing and, perhaps logically, is... Continue Reading →

Birthplace of Ferrari

Italian Icon. Red. Stylish. Fast. Dynamic. Epitome of style and pleasure. Dream of millions of men and women. One of the most popular super-cars of all time. Result of great dream, passion and vision. FERRARI. When I was in Bologna, I took a short trip to visit the Ferrari Museum in Maranello which is located... Continue Reading →

First-Time Air Travel

I arrived at the airport, ready to 'slip the surly bonds of Earth'. I had to fly from Mumbai to Florence with a connection at Zurich! After the long check-in, immigration, security checks, and several miles walk to the gate, I was ready to board my RJ100 AvroLiner operated by Swiss Air. I went to... Continue Reading →

My First Solo Trip

Traveling alone is a one-of-a-kind experience. I set out on my first solo trip to Italy when I was 19. Against all odds, I was awarded a one month scholarship for studying intermediate level of Italian at the University for Foreigners of Siena, Tuscany. I was nervousited because I had never really traveled before, not... Continue Reading →

Why “Sal’s Escapes”?

I’ve been working as a French and Italian Translator since a year. And whosoever knows this feels that I’m pretty well-settled here in India, which is fairly true. But just at a mere age of 23 I can’t limit myself to a cubicle or a space-challenged condo. No matter how perfect I maybe for this... Continue Reading →

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